Thursday, September 27

Baby It's Cold Outside

Today is so cold, my nose might fall off! They’re completely numb currently :) I got an e-mail from the I.T. Office last night telling me to come into the office, and I had been so nervous they were going to tell me that my laptop had exploded or something and was completely unfixable!
[Side-note: for those of you who don’t know, my laptop had stopped playing sound on Saturday so I brought it to the IT Desk to see if they could help me figure it out, and they broke it instead! Well sort of, anyways. They were doing a system update and didn’t plug it in when they did it, so it died half way through and my computer wouldn’t start afterwards!! They had no idea what was wrong with it, so they had to keep it and they said they didn’t know how long it would take to fix!! So I’ve been using a loaner laptop they laoned me] 
Anyways, I went to the I.T. Office this morning on pins and needles. Luckily, my laptop was alive!! Yay. They weren’t ready for me to take it, but they wanted me to come in and see the updates they’d done. They still haven’t fixed the sound, which is why I went into them in the first place so they said it may take a few more days before I could actually have it back. However, at least its up and running again.
Then I went to the gym for about an hour where I found a wifi spot, so I was able to check e-mails, Facebook and Pinterest; it was awesome. I love it when I actually recieve wifi on my phone :) Afterwards, I caught the bus back to my block where my roommate was still sleeping at 11:35, so I made myself a pita-peanut-butter-sandwhich and headed to ‘X’ block which is one of the common areas in Hawthorns where they have free wifi, and I talked to mom for a while and am now watching ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ all bundled up in my jacket and Hunter’s because I’m so stinking cold!!
Tonight I think I’m going out with the people in my flat to ‘Quiz Night’ which is a fresher’s week activity :) you answer random questions, like a quiz I guess, and can win prizes. Here’s hoping my toes and nose don’t fall off before then!!