Sunday, September 23

Sunday Showers

Sunday morning myself and a few other girls in the block went and got free breakfast the university was offering at Hawthorns Restaurant. It was a ‘continental’ breakfast, which I thought would be like eggs, bacon, toast, and so forth but it was croissants and muffins! The whole room was decorated with Union Jacks and balloons which was cute!
Then a bunch of us went into campus to the sports fair and ‘freshers’ welcome fair where they had inflatables, live music, dancing, and a bunch of clubs and societies set up that you could talk to. I’m thinking about joining one called “Come Dine with Me” in which you rotate turns cooking a meal for your group. At the end of the term, there’s a winner who cooked the best (I think myself and another girl in my hall, Katie could possibly win).
After the girls ate lunch and we walked around for a bit, we decided to catch the bus into Newcastle to go shopping for groceries and stuff. Katie is from Newcastle so she kind of showed us around a bit. We stopped at a store called Morrison’s which is kind of like a grocery store with some random houseware items. One of the girls on my floor who’s actually a bit older than me, helped me around the grocery store along with her friend Nikki, teaching me the differences between all the foods (i.e. the difference between a biscuit, a cookie, a scone, a muffin, a cake, a cupcake) because believe it or not they actually are different than in the States! So I got some ‘ready’ meals such as bangers & mash, and shephard’s pie! Yum.
We walked around town for a bit before catching a taxi back to campus, and the town was so cute even though it started raining while we were there and most of it was closed because it was Sunday!
Tonight I went to Sneyd Arms Pub for dinner and had a tuna baguette with chips, at it was really good. The pub itself was really cozy and quaint and although I wasn’t up for it tonight, the desserts looked awesome! I’ll definitely be going back soon!! Well it’s raining and cold and almost midnight, so I’m off to bed :) Cheers!