Monday, October 8

Cheesy Chips & Cider!!!

After all…that’s what British people eat right?!
Today was another great adventure of Bella & Katlin getting lost in England! I’ve figured out the best way to find where you’re going is to get lost; you meet the most fascinating people and see some of the places you’d never imagine you’d see! Our original destination point was the Wedgewood Museum somewhere around here in town but that was an epic fail and some how we ended up in Hanley. We gave up on the Wedgewood idea and just settled for some pottery museum that someone on the street pointed out. Ha!
When we got to the Pottery Museum we were so confused, thinking it was a museum about pottery- no. It was a history museum to the area called “the potteries” which included a taxidermy exhibit, a WWI/WWII exhibit, Titanic exhibit and a bunch of random other stuff. Honestly, we had a good time just goofing off inside because it was so quiet. It had some of the weirdest stuff inside! We did end up seeing a few pieces of Wedgewood however, so the day wasn’t a total bust.
Afterwards we went back to Newcastle to find a pharmacy because Bella has been sick for two weeks nearly, and the nurse/doctor she saw just told her to suck on some hard candy and drink lots of tea (only in England right?) so she was determined to find something for her cold. We found “Boots” which is kind of like a CVS I suppose, except all the consultants wore these funny tunic things that looked like something from “Back to the Future” in their interpretation of 2012. 
At this point it was almost 6:00 and neither of us had eaten much for the day so we set off to find dinner. Ended up at a pub with a oh-so-nutricious-meal of Cheesy Chips & Cider! However, I feel much warmer now :)