Sunday, October 7

Dancing the Weekend Away

It’s been a dancing-kind of weekend, which is how I’d love to spend every single weekend if I could. On Thursday I went with my three new salsa-family friends to Liverpool to this cool salsa club-bar and danced the night away in a very Havana-Cuban-like style club; I loved it. Liverpool is about an hour away, so we got back to town around three in the morning, and I had to be up for a lecture on Friday morning. I knew I’d be sore and tired, but it was absolutely worth it.
Friday! Officially the weekend. I had my history seminar and although we even got done early, I swear it was the longest 45-minutes of my life; I didn’t think he’d ever stop talking. However, the professor is absolutely precious!! He is so British, I can’t even stand it. He is a short, white, balding man with an adorable British accent and wears circular-spectacles that have a slight tint of yellow. The class is Anglo-Saxon England History which, hopefully, will be interesting because he is obviously very passionate about the subject! However, the seminar was enough to send me off into dreamland. Friday afternoon was spent working on much neglected reading until I had to go to salsa lessons that evening. Can I just say, that I really do love the salsa family- they’ve all been so kind and welcoming and are absolutely CRAZY but it makes everything just that much better. In salsa the instructor taught the basic steps and we attempted a rueda dance which, how do I explain it, kind of like circular salsa dancing with other couples. My beautiful friends, Jaz and Yas taught the classes and I think they did beautifully!
Then at the last minute I decided to go with some of the gang to a salsa club that evening in Manchester, as this particular club only hosts something like three times a year. We ran out of salsa lessons, hopped in the cars, and off we went. I really think half of the fun with the salsa gang is the drives there-and-back, because they have some of the funniest stories to tell; plus they try to help me speak “English”. It was another great night of salsa and another late night (or early morning, depending on how you put it) at 4 a.m.
Saturday morning was epically rough, as I had a bus ticket leaving at 8 a.m. for York! Ugh, after 3 hours of sleep I groggily got up at 7 and somehow managed to look presentable, walk to campus, and catch the bus with my friend Bella for a day in York. HOWEVER, what they neglected to tell us was that although York is roughly about a 2-hour drive, it would take the bus 4 hours to get there because they stop half-way through for a 45-minute break at some random rest area. Bella and I couldn’t believe that we were sitting in a random rest area in the middle of England when we were supposed to be in York! Luckily we both partially slept on the bus, no thanks to the obnoxious girl three rows up who kept saying “Give me any word, and I can make it dirty in a different language”; after four hours I think both of us were ready to get off that bus!