Wednesday, October 24

Fairytales & Castles

It’s just been one of those weeks, where you need to embrace the fairytales of life and visit a bunch of castles!! On Monday I decided to go see Warwick Castle. I hoped on a train in the morning and took off to Warwick. It was, as usual, an adventure with the train system. I’m slowly getting better at the whole train stuff here. 
The castle itself is definitely a Disneyfied castle, very theatrical with swords, jousting, costumed actors, dueling and music pumping in all around. It was a gorgeous castle however, very typical movie castle :) I spent the better part of the morning and afternoon there, got lunch, and then headed back to Stoke! It was quite a pleasant afternoon.
The following day, Tuesday, Bella & I traveled to Nottingham to see Nottingham Castle. We had breakfast at our little cafe like normal, yum, got lattes and got on the train for another day adventure. Nottingham Castle wasn’t exactly what we expected, we were expecting more like historical rooms and displays along with lots of Robin Hood stuff! However, Nottingham Castle was more like an art museum with stuff from Ancient Greek times to more modern exhibits. Nevertheless, we still had a good morning walking around the grounds of Nottingham Castle
After the castle we still had tons of time so we bummed around town and found a super chic antique tea room cafe! The place was a vintage antique store but they had a small cafe inside where we stopped for pie and tea, quite yummy. Complete with mixed-matched teacups and everything!!