Friday, October 12

Gangsters & Flappers

Wednesday was commenced by a day of French, including an announcement that our first exam is on this upcoming Wednesday…fantastic. Let’s just say I barely know any French besides what little I retained from high school which was basically how to order/eat and spend money in French; so this should be quite an interesting exam. I need to actually study it sounds like, oh joy. I guess I’ll have to go buy the textbook and have a good ol’ fashion cram session over this weekend. 
Wednesday evening I went out for for my first official social with Dancesport and my first Fresher’ Student Union night, Fancy Dress night which was “Gangsters & Flappers” night. For those Americans out there, “Fancy Dress” basically means dress up in costumes…so instead of the Halloween Costume store, you’d go to the Fancy Dress Store. Thanks to my lovely friends, I got dolled up as a flapper and went and spent a very fun, yet interesting, night out :)