Thursday, October 18

Normalcy in England

Bonjour Everybody!!
There hasn’t been anything too exciting to blog about lately, just in the grind of school and life here in England. Lectures are in the fourth week, so things are finally starting to pick up. I had my first exam in French yesterday (Wednesday) which I believe. I absolutely love the French language, but it does not reciprocate my feelings sometimes; it’s much harder to become fluent than I thought it would be.
I’ve had all my other lectures and courses several times now and unfortunately I have to start writing essays, reading articles and actually doing work! You can tell I’m a senior as I have senioritis big time; it probably doesn’t help that I’m in a foreign country with such a severe case!! 
Tonight I’m going to Liverpool with a few girlfriends for dance which I’m stoked about! Then tomorrow I have salsa as usual, and it’s one of my flatmates 19th Birthday so we’re going out to celebrate!! Finally, Saturday morning Bella & I are headed off to London for the weekend, which I can’t wait to go to! London :) It’ll be a short weekend in London but it’s going to be a great little taste of London city life. 
It’s been absolutely lovely weather here as well lately. The leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground, the wind is turning brisk, and we’re finally emerging out of the rainy season. I love it!!