Tuesday, October 2

Professors & a Pot of Tea

Classes have begun at Keele and it’s time to, unfortunately, get back into school-mode. The class structure here is really different than back in the States. Typically I’d have the same classes on Monday-Wednesday-Friday at the same time every day, for 50 minutes and then the same classes on Tuesday-Thursday. Here at Keele I only meet in my class once a week for an hour or two depending on the course. Also they’re called “lectures” and not “classes” like in the States; and then a few of my classes have seminars/tutorials later in the week which just sound like small-intimate classes with a ‘tutor’. Honestly, although we all speak English there aren’t many words that are the same between English and American-English :) I’m always looking for a translation from someone, but I absolutely love it! I hope to return to the States with a quite posh British accent. 
My professors are absolutely adorable as well. They’ve all worn button-up shirts and jackets and the British accent just makes them sound that more intelligent. Sometimes though, I completely zone out, I’m literally lulled by the sound of male British voices so I need to concentrate on focusing in class :) However, all my classes seem to be going well thus far, I already have lots of reading to do for my lectures so I need to get on top of that here soon. I’m sitting in “La Cafe” which is the coffee shop in one of my buildings because I have a 2-hour break in between my Tuesday classes, so I’m going to get a cupper and force myself to start reading my oh-so-interesting International Relations textbook (boo).