Sunday, October 7

Trip to York

After the horrific and yet hilarious 4-hour bus ride to York, Bella and I finally made it! We literally hit the pavement running as we only had four or five short hours in York at this point, as we had already decided to catch a train back to Stoke because we couldn’t take another 4-hour bus ride with the crazy girl and the multitudes of Asians who didn’t speak English. We literally laughed for 10-minutes straight about the entire situation.
York was beautiful, picturesque, and just how I imagined it. The city walls wrapped around the historic center and once you walk through the small cobble archways it’s like you’re immediately transported back in time. The streets had cobblestone roads, buildings with exposed timbers and thatched roofs, old street lights that at one time gave an eerie glow to the town, and old mercury-glass windows. It was unbelievable. The buildings were so close and literally felt like they were closing in around you. 
After walking around the streets of historic York, we made our way to York Minister. Wow. It’s my first cathedral I’ve ever been to, so I can check that off my bucket list! It was magnificent; the Gothic architecture, the steeple, the immense carving work was just incredible to see and experience. We bought our tickets and toured the main floors of the Minister, including some of the graves which were eerie and romantic at the same time. We also bought a ticket to tour the tower, which honestly we had no idea what that was at the time! We had almost 2-hours before the tour started so we left the Minister and decided to go explore York some more.
The streets were bustling with people, violinists, a cover band of Mumford & Sons, and random street singers. There were people everywhere and there was the coolest juxtaposition between modernity and historic charm. We walked in so many shops and stores that were just way too cute. We wandered into this gorgeous park where it was complete with English roses and pigeons everywhere and old ruins from something way back when. We almost got attacked my pigeons flying because they fly so low!
While we were in the park we even saw a wedding party, the groom and groomsmen had  coattails and were chauffeured by a 1920’s cream car that was too adorable. The bride and bridal party’s carriage was a vintage red double-decker bus decorated in white flowers. It was an absolutely perfect day for a wedding, with beautiful weather and a beautiful backdrop.
We left the park to head back to York Minister for our tour and on the way we stopped at a carvery for a proper carved sandwich lunch! I honestly don’t even know what it was I ate but it was somewhat decent; the fact that I didn’t really know what it was kind of makes me queasy but I’m still alive so that’s fine!
The tour to the tower was incredible!! We really had no idea what the tower tour was, but it turned out to be that you climb to the very tipy-top of the cathedral. It was hundreds and hundreds of tiny narrow steps but it was worth every moment because the view from the top was absolutely incredible. I can’t even explain the feeling of standing on top of a historic and beautiful structure that is so steeped in stories, both religious and non-religious…it’s a very calming and serene experience; I literally felt like I was standing on top of the world. After spending time at the top, we had to return to earth and started descending the steep staircase. As Bella and I were walking down the steps, the most beautiful music started filling up the small space. It danced and swirled around us, the angelic voices of a choir and the booming and stately sounds of an organ. It was absolutely magical and some surreal. We sat down in the pews of York Minister and listened to the choir for about 30 minutes before we forced ourselves to leave and head for afternoon tea at Betty’s famous tea room.
Betty’s team room had a line out the door all day, so we figured it would be a good place to have tea. We didn’t have to wait too terribly long before we got a table, but we were so nackered (tired in British, ha) that we just wanted to sleep. Tea was fine, except for the fact that I accidentally sent the container of sugar cubes clattering to the grown which turned the entire tea room silent for a moment! The woman next to us rolled her eyes and said “Americans” under her breath!! If I wasn’t soo tired I probably would have death-glared her! Our tea was yummy, and with that we ended our day in York and caught a train back to Stoke-on-Trent!
It was an absolutely beautiful day.