Monday, November 5

Happy November!

Happy Monday!
I can’t believe it’s already November, the time has gone by so quickly, it makes me sad even thinking about it. This morning there was frost on the road and grass when I walked into campus- brr! 
The weekend came and went as it normally does; I had shine practice and salsa lessons on Friday night, went to Birmingham on Saturday night for salsa, had a salsa class and shine practice on Sunday. Oh, and on Sunday night I went with a few of my blockmates to the bar on campus for open mic night where they played acoustic guitar and sang. 
I’ve been sick all weekend unfortunately however, and I’m just praying that this cold crap goes away before mom comes and visits on Thursday! So another sick day in England calls for listening to George Winston, more tea and a blueberry muffin while I frantically try to organize and work on my essays that are due by Wednesday! Oh dear.