Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving from Across the Pond

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from across the pond! I’ve spent all day doing exactly what I love the most, being in the kitchen! Bella and I woke early and got ourselves to the market to pick up the things we needed to make a Thanksgiving meal for all of our friends in our flat. Did I mention that means we’re cooking for at least 18 people?! 
In case we didn’t already know, we are in England and they basically don’t have any of the same stuff as we do back in the States: pumpkin pie- yeah right; cranberry sauce- nope; French’s onions for green bean casserole- ha! However, I think it’s kind of fun not to have the same familiar stuff…that means we had to improvise! I thought it was quite ingenious of me to substitute French’s fried onions for bread crumbs if I do say so myself. No pumpkin pie here- we’re having apple carmel crumble, chocolate cake, and “fizzy” jello whatever that is :) 

I am thankful today for this incredible opportunity my family has given me to be studying abroad this semester. They’ve been an incredible support system to me at home and abroad, I couldn’t ask for a better family…not many people’s family would fly over to visit them while they’re abroad; and I was lucky enough to have my cousin and my mum come over! I’m also thankful for my great group of friends here in England who have become some of my closest friends in the world. They don’t care that I’m obsessed with British culture, am searching for Mr. Darcy and have an incredibly posh accent..they still love me the same. It has been one incredibly blessed year full of experiences I never would have thought I’d be able to have a year ago.
So here’s to a wonderful family, incredible friends, a blessed life, and lots of yummy food!