Wednesday, November 14

Mum's Visit: Bath

The next stop on our journey through England was Bath. I joked that we were just on a Jane Austen tour of England at this point, since she famously moved to England with her family a few years before her father passed away. First off, we stayed at the most beautiful Inn; the Kennard Inn which was literally just a three-minute walk to the center of town. It was a Regency-style Inn complete with chez lounges, gorgeous drapes, chandeliers, and a too-die-for dinning room where they served us a formal English breakfast with fine china, French press coffee, incredible tea and delicious home cooked food.
We only had one day in Bath before we had to head north to Chesterfield, so we tried to hit most of the highlights. First we went to Bath Abbey and did the tower tour, which took us to the very top of Bath Abbey and gave us a fantastic 360 view of Bath. Then we went and toured the Roman Baths which, talk about absolutely magnificent, are so incredibly old it’s hard to fathom. Plus the fact that the Roman Baths went undiscovered for so long is quite remarkable. The details that went into the baths is unbelievable, it’s hard to believe that these have existed for hundreds and hundreds of years.
Afterwards we hopped on a double-decker bus and did a hop-on-hop-off tour of the rest of Bath because I was bound and determined to ride a red double decker bus before I left England. Ha. Anyways, we got out and walked around The Circus, the Royal Crescent, we stopped at the Jane Austen Museum and the gift shop for a bit, and then literally just walked around, shopped and explored Bath. Bath had incredible shopping!! We absolutely enjoyed every single moment of our time there. That evening, after all the shopping was done and the tours were closed, we ate dinner at this extremely old pub where Charles Dickens actually stayed and ate when he was writing the Pickwick Papers! Talk about history. Oh, and for dessert we stopped at Sally Lunn’s, the oldest house in Bath, and got one of the famous Sally Lunn’s buns to go…which was quite yummy I might add. Bath was gorgeous beyond words, and let’s just say I will definitely be looking for a job in Bath after I graduate this spring!!