Tuesday, January 8

The Last First Day

Tomorrow marks a new milestone in my life; the last first day of school I will ever have in my college career. People always tell you how fast four years will go by, but you don't really realize it until you're sitting at your last day. Tomorrow will begin the final push towards that lucrative degree that sits at the end of this race, only separated by twelve-hours of classes a week and 4-months of working three jobs: BRING IT ON. 

Tonight I marvel at all the things that have changed from three and a half years ago when my parents dropped me off at University. Painstakingly they dropped me off at Appalachian State, a top of a cold and dreary mountain; tonight I sit just a lovely 5-minute drive to the Atlantic Ocean wrapped up in the sweet smell of saltwater and earth. I've changed over the years, I've grown up, matured, made friends, learned life lessons, had my share of tearful nights, watched as friends drift apart and make incredible new friends. Who I was then, is not who I am now and that is absolutely the way it should be.