Thursday, February 28

Speeches and Script

I'm a writer. Give me a pen and I will write until the cows come home. I loved my speech writing class, I could do research and write all sorts of speeches; ask me to actually give a speech and I think my eyes become as large as saucers. So when I was asked, by my internship director, to give a speech in front of a couple hundred scholarship recipients and donors, my mouth went immediately dry and all I could choke out was 'sure'. 

Oh boy, what did I just agree to?

I kept putting off actually writing the speech, not because I didn't want to write it, but because as soon as I wrote it, I'd have to memorize and actually give it. Yikes! She wanted the speech to explain about my experience with scholarships during college, how scholarships changed my education experience, thank donors for their support and encourage students to make the most of their financial support and give back in the future. I finally crafted the speech...two days before I was actually supposed to give it, and then stressed for two days about memorizing it. 

What was supposed to be 300+ people ended up being nearly 500 people tonight at the Scholarship Dinner, a small fact I am very thankful wasn't divulged until after I gave my speech. It's done. Fini. Thank goodness! It went well and although my legs were shaking walking up the stairs to the stage, the warm hugs I got afterwards made the whole thing worth it. That being said, do I want to give another huge speech anytime soon- No. I think I'll stay behind the pen in the future! ha. 

"Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His face continually" 1 Chronicles 16:11