Thursday, February 14

Valentines Day Cupcake Style

Happy Valentines Day from the Traveling Cupcake!
Don't forget that this day is not just about showing your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife how much they mean to you- there are other people that deserve to know they're loved as well. Remember the friends who have been by your side through all the "broken hearts" and tears over dating issues. Remember the friends that sat on the couch with you on Friday night watching "Bridesday Friday" on TLC while eating Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Most importantly, remember your family who has helped raised you, listened to you for years, and always loved you through it all.

Not only have my parents always been supportive of any choice I've made, and I truly couldn't show them how much I appreciate them, but they've always shown love, kindness, support and given advice throughout 20+ years of life.

However, there is one special woman who I called today and it reminds me of God's love for us- and that is my grandmother. Grandma is a teeny-tiny 4'9 Scandinavian blonde haired woman who has spent almost her entire life in the kitchen. My grandfather and the love of her life sadly passed away going on five years ago, and its on Sundays and days like this that I feel she misses him most. I spent a lovely hour and a half catching up with Grandma and I love hearing about all the "new recipes" she is trying and her weekly outings with her friend Judith. Ever since my grandfather passed away I have made it a point to call her every Sunday afternoon after Church and I love our little time of fellowship. 

Don't forget about the special people in your lives today; besides your significant others there are friends and family members right around you that deserve to know how much they're loved. The past generation is sadly a dying breed, and there is so much we can learn from them: such a more simple, quiet, and natural lifestyle. So tonight as I curl up with a glass of wine and a book with a stereotypical Nicholas Sparks movie in the background, I am thankful for the people who show me love in my life.