Thursday, January 23

What's a Girl to Pack

I love traveling but I've had an awful track record with packing; I either horrendously over-pack or atrociously under-pack and have nothing to wear! Over the past year and a half I have had to become a 1) light and 2) quick packer for last minute work trips, trips to Europe and spontaneous weekend getaways. 

After I returned from England and became an Ambassador, people (girls) always asked how I managed to pack my life into a suitcase! The best advice I have is to outfit plan and try on all the outfits! It sounds daunting but with a closest full of clothes, an iPhone and Pinterest inspiration boards it's really more organization than anything. 
While I'm waiting for my overnight flight to leave, I thought I'd post about what I packed for my little 10-day European vacation since a lot of people ask the best way to pack :)

10 Day Quick Trip to Spain & Portugal:

5 Bottoms --> 
1 lace skirt
2 jeans (cropped & ankle)
1 black trousers
1 colored denim
6 Tops -->
2 Sweaters
1 Basic White T-shirt
2 Blouses
1 Chambray 
Shoes (my downfall)
4 Pairs --> 
Aldo Boots
Steve Madden Flats
Blue Platform Heels
Madden Girl Wedge Heels
Accessories -->
3 Scarves 
2 belts
1 hat
3 sweaters 
 2 Dresses

Now a quick trip to California or a long-weekend in Florida, you can kind of get by with wearing 3 or 4 outfits and just winging it. Europe is a different story; especially because we're hitting a few different countries I wanted to make sure I had enough appropriate clothing for wine tasting in Northern Portugal, pounding the pavement in Madrid, seaside visits in the south of Portugal, and climbing the steep hills of Sintra…so I aired on the side of having plenty of outfits this trip! I came up with 16 outfits that can go from day travels to night clubs with a few simple changes.

Now that everything is packed and organized, all I have to do is have my phone in hand and I don't have to stress about what to wear that day- everything is already ready to go and allows me to enjoy every moment of the traveling adventures. 
Bon Voyage from the Traveling Cupcake!