Tuesday, September 2

Day 02 of 30: The Next 10 Years

Day 02: Where would you like to be in 10 years?

It's funny to think about what I wanted 10-years ago and where I am today. Let me tell you, I never would've guessed where I sat today. I think at the time I was seriously considering becoming a bucking bull breeders for the PBR circuit and spending the rest of my days on a quiet Wyoming ranch with a cowboy, a faithful quarter horse and a whole family of dogs. Needless to say- I didn't quite go down that path. 

In 10 years I would like to be thought of as a servant to others, a faithful friend, an adoring wife and mother, a creative soul with a heart for others. Sure I have dreams of the wonderful home on a few acres of land inspired by French baroque design, a stunning gourmet kitchen and a claw-foot bathtub; but in reality from 10 years from now, looking back, I believe my life accomplishments will make me more satisfied at the end of the day.

I love making 'bucket lists' and being able to check things off the list (Umm hello Type-A personality), so maybe I should start making my next 10 years bucket list. 

My Next 10-Years Bucket List
- Buy a home I love 
- Travel to Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Greece
- Go snorkeling 
- Write a book 
- Become a wife & mother
- Visit every single 50 of the States (I'm over 1/2 way there)
- Ride down Route 66
- Learn to sew...more efficiently and straighter
- Move to a foreign country for another year
-  Try my hand at surfing
- Learn another language
- Be able to eat gluten again 
- Share God's love through a mission trip
- Swim with dolphins
- Start a fire without matches
- Stand under a waterfall
- Have a proper English garden
- Try being vegetarian...for one week...maybe...
- Spend more time with my family
- Learn to relax more, stress less
- Enjoy the little moments of life

Well, it's a start at least. The past 10 years I've experienced and explored the world, so here's to another 10 of memories, laughter, and lessons learned along the way.