Thursday, September 4

Day 04 of 30: I Believe

Day 04 of 30: Your views on religion

I've checked the box "Christian" on Facebook, but really, I'm a firm-standing-passionate-believer of Jesus Christ my Savior and that He died for me and you and He will come again. 

I've never been a huge Newsboys fan, but their song "We Believe" literally makes me want to raise my hands in praise every time I hear it come across the radio. What is my religion? What do I believe? To put it in the most simple words...

I believe in God the Father.
I believe in Jesus Christ.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, and that He's given us new life.
I believe in the crucifixion 
I believe that He conquered death
I believe in the resurrection and He's coming back again.
I believe.