Monday, September 8

Day 08 of 30: Satisfaction in the Stillness

Day 08 of 30: A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

: a happy or pleased feeling because of something that you did or something that happened to you
: the act of providing what is needed or desired : the act of satisfying a need or desire

: a result that deals with a problem or complaint in an acceptable way 

Satisfaction. Fulfillment. Contentment. Happiness. Approval. 

As humans we strive for these feelings. A lot of the times we find satisfaction in our job, the quality of our clothes, the league of schools we attend, who we are dating, how much money we have, how much we weigh and so on and so forth. When in reality satisfaction can't come from these things. The world can only provide temporary satisfaction. God is the ONLY one that can provide true satisfaction in life.

It's hard not to find fulfillment in our jobs and our degrees. It's really difficult to not seek approval from our spouse, our friends and our boss. It's definitely a struggle not to find happiness in our style, our weight, our relationship status on Facebook. I'm human and fall into this trap of lies just as much as the next person but what I've found is that sometimes in the rat race of life of consuming more, gaining more and earning more, God calls me to be still.

Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God

God calls me to be still and it's one of the hardest things to do. When is the last time you were still and actually listened? 

The moments that I really feel satisfied with life is when I get to step away from my busy work day, go find a coffee shop, and get to spend time doing the things I adore- writing, journaling, doing a devotional or just listening to some super calming chill music. In those moments I get to be still and quiet my soul and let the Lord speak to me in His quiet way. It's in these moments of life that I feel satisfied.