Wednesday, September 10

Day 10 of 30: Love Like a Child

Day of 10 of 30: Discuss your first love.

His name was Christopher Valentine and I was in 2nd grade. I'm not sure if it was his name (I mean come on, how could you not love someone with a name like Christopher Valentine) or his blonde-hair, blue-eyed Scandinavianness that won me over. If I remember correctly, we sat next to one another in school. We shared lemon drops and gummy bears together. First love- so innocent and sweet. 

I honestly don't remember anything else about him or if we "dated" according to 2nd grade standards but he was the first guy that popped in my head. In 3rd grade I moved to a different town and no longer went to that school, so who knows what would have happened to Christopher and I... I guess I will never find out. 

Young love, how innocent and pure and cute. Sharing gummy bears and lemon drops were the signs of love. Playing on the playground was a date. Walking next to you in the hallway was a gentlemanly act. Talk about having faith of a child and loving with child innocence.