Friday, September 12

Day 12 of 30: Day in the Life of a Traveling Cupcake

Day 12 of 30: Bullet your whole day

4:50: Wake up..hit snooze
4:53: Face reality and actually get up
5:10: Leave for Crossfit 
5:30: The pain begins…CROSSFIT!
5:30-6:30: No pain, no gain: Crossfit time
6:45: Frantically shower & get ready for work
7:25: Leave for work
8:00 - 5:00: Long incredible day at work training in the new guy
5:01: Happy dance :) 
5:05: Battle the rest of the world driving down I-40
5:35: Arrive at home and take Abby for a walk
7:00: Meet my sweet friend for wine & dinner
9:30: Drive downtown and get ready for a fun night of Latin dancing
9:45 and on….dance the night away

My life is pretty typical and nothing too exciting :) but I'm going to follow this blog this as close as possible!