Saturday, September 13

Day 13 of 30: Take Me Away

Day 13 of 30:  Somewhere you'd like to move or visit.

The list of places I want to travel is so extensive, I couldn't even begin to narrow it down. I want to make it a goal to visit a foreign country at least once a year and travel the world while I'm young, able, and not tied down to anything. 

If I had to pack up and move tomorrow, I would be torn between two places I absolutely adore:

1. A light and airy flat in Paris.
A wonderful, light, airy, teeny-tiny flat, maybe even a one-bedroom studio. I want to be able to walk to the corner market and buy seasonal fruit and fresh picked flowers, and then take an aprés-midi de repos at a little café on the street and enjoy a thé et croissant. That city lifestyle and the endless opportunities to experience the lifestyle of a city-dweller sounds absolutely charming.

Then there's the other part of me that would love to move to:

2. A small, historical cottage in the countryside of England

I want the old historical cottage with exposed beams, leaky faucets, a crumbling fence and foliage crawling up the side of the house. Romantic, charming, historical and inviting. I love several different areas in England including the northern Peak district and then of course, my all-time-favorite, the area surrounding Bath. That country lifestyle, the slow pace, the long walks into town, limited technology and being untouched by the outside world seems absolutely peaceful and serene.

Again, I have desires that pull me in completely opposite directions; a quiet country life and a fast-paced and dreamy city life. Maybe that just means I need to have both...