Friday, September 19

Day 19 of 30: Love Your Parents

Day 19 of 30: How do you feel about disrespecting your parents.

I was blessed with such wonderful parents and I genuinely love them. It's one of the closest earthly examples of Christ-like love I will ever experience, the sacrificial and unconditional love of my mom and dad. I seek their wisdom and guidance. I know that they will love me, no matter what my decisions, and that they continually think and pray for me; it's a wonderful kind of love. 

That being said, I think it's so important for a guy to have a relationship with his family. Every family has the crazies, the drama and the black sheep of the family however, how a guy interacts with his family shows a lot of his character and what his future family could be. There is nothing worse than a guy disrespecting his parents and talking crap about his family, it immediately turns me off and I no longer respect that guy. I want to see a guy have a relationship with his family, value them, love them and continually seek to build that relationship.

I see TV shows where teens continually disrespect their parents, talk crap about their mom, scream and yell at their father, and then storm out of the house and peel off in their mom's car: it kills me. Our parents were created by God to train us, inform us, and provide us with tools to be successful, loving, and responsible people for the Kingdom. It's their responsibility for the at least 18-years they have with us to teach us how to survive on our own and prosper. So teens, think twice before you get pissed that your mom won't let you go to the mall by yourself: she's protecting you from situations that could be compromising. Don't get angry that your dad won't  let you go to the football game alone: he's protecting you from having a tempting situation. 

God commands us to honor and respect our parents, and it's one that shouldn't be forgotten.