Tuesday, September 23

Day 23 of 30: Easy on the Eyes

Day 23 of 30: Who are 5 celebrity guys who you find attractive?

1. Matthew McConaughey
So Matthew's wouldn't be my initial go-to for looks, however, his sense of humor is what gets me and I find it incredibly attractive when a man can make me laugh. 

2. Jude Law
So Mr. Law with his British accent, jagged jawline, alluring academic look… Yup! For me a mixture of brains, academia, charm and good looks is a quadruple threat.

3. Chris Pine 
Chris Pine's eyes are so crisp and blue, you could absolutely sink ;) A guy with eyes that make you want to melt is definitely an attractive factor!

4. Zac Efron
Zac still has that boy-next-door charm which is incredibly attractive.

5. Ryan Gosling 
Well Ryan Gosling is and forever will be "Noah" so that's that!