Sunday, September 28

Day 28 of 30: Pet Peeves

Day 28 of 30: What are four pet peeves you have? 

1. Chomping on gum: It is evident now that not everyone was taught to chew with their mouth closed as a child. A 6-year-old is one thing, they don't know better; but a grown 36-year-old woman should have the common sense to close her mouth with the big wad of double-bubble. It's gross. 

2. People who continually use vulgar language: It's not attractive. The English language has so many elaborate and colorful words to use to express you absolute detest of someones outfit, how angry you feel, or how dumb someone is. Come on people, open a thesaurus. 

3. The helicopter coworker: The coworker that rolls their chair up behind mine and scares the ever-living-daylights out of me thanks to the white noise. It scares me every single time when someone pops their head into my cube and I'm so not prepared- give a girl some warning!

4. Using speaker phone for no obvious reason: You know you've seen it, the guy walking in the mall going on and on about something via speakerphone. My theory: unless you're in the car, trying to conference call people in, or you broke your thumb and can't hold your phone- don't use speakerphone in public :)