Thursday, May 14

The Traveling Cupcakes Guide to Packing for Paris

The Traveling Cupcake is about to go to the meca of cupcakes...well of sweets anyways. I'm packing up and heading off to my dream city: Paris. 

Paris has always been one of my dream trips. I don't know where my love of it came from, maybe the Passport to Paris movie from the 90s, or my aunts multiple trips to this beautiful city, but nonetheless I've loved France (and more specifically Paris) as long as I can remember. Mom and I had talked about maybe doing a big trip for my birthday next year, but around October I went to her and said "why wait? Let's go for my birthday this year". 8 months later, here I am. About to take a trip of my dreams. 

Currently I'm waiting at my gate for my first flight, so I thought I'd share a little recap of what I brought for my little Parisian adventure. Allons-y! 

I usually pre-plan loose olitfits but knowing I was going to Paris, the fashion capitols of the world, I knew I'd want to be stylish and that would require some extra creativity and planning because I mean come on, it's Paris!! 

One of the things I always do before any big trip is pre-plan my outfits. This saves me from bringing everything in my closet, helps spend less time when I actually arrive to do the "I have nothing to wear" bit, and overall makes it a little less stressful. So after weeks of reading travel blogs on the do's and don't'so, here is the layout of my wardrobe for May in Paris! 

Outfit 1: Bike tour of Monet's gardens and house 

Outfit 2: spending the day at Versailles 

Outfit 3: daytime in Paris for sightseeing 

Outfit 4: Day out to the Champagne region for a whole day of champagne tasting

Outfit 5: on the morning of my birthday, we are doing a French baking class in Monmarte. Can you say oui!?

Outfit 6: sightseeing along the Seine 

Outfit 7: Cathing the gorgeous sights of the city 

Outfit 8: museum day

Outfit 9: out and about in the City

Outfit 10: Paris by day

Outfit 11: Seine riverboat cruise in the evening 

Outfit 12: dinner out in the City of Lights

Outfit 13: simple little evening attire 

Outfit 14: casual café 

Outfit 15: comfy cozy morning in Paris

So here is exactly what I brought, broken down: 

2 scarves (both are gray) and 1 white skinny belt 
1 blazer and 1 jean jacket 
1 pair of white pants that can be rolled up, 1 pair of black capris, and 2 pairs of jeans 
3 pairs of shoes (this was the hardest part- I love shoes and have such cute heels but everybody said don't bring heels... So I didn't). 1 nude pair of flats, 1 black structured flat and 1 pair of Toms
1 backpack for the bike ride, 1 carry on bag and 1 Longchamp bag
2 flowey summer dresses 
2 structured dresses 
3 cardigans: black, white and a hot pink
A total of 10 tops and blouses

I decided to go with a color palette for this trip: white, black and accents of pink. I also packed jewelry but never paired it with my particular outfits because every bring I brought was classic pieces that could go with anything like diamonds, pearls, a Kate Spade bangle, a sparkly J.Crew bracelet and a couple of long beaded pink necklaces for a little splash of color. 

I can't believe that my trip is almost here, in the matter of hours I will wake up in Paris and this lovely little Parisian adventure shall begin! Bon voyage mon amis!