Thursday, June 18

The Traveling Cupcake: Packing for the Wild West

Just like that I'm off for another grand adventure. Hanging out waiting for my next flight, I have some time to catch up on my life (the one crazy part about traveling so much is your 'normal' life gets out of hand real quick sometimes). This time I'm staying in the States and venturing out the land where the last of the cowboys roamed the range with their horses: Wyoming. This meant it was time to dust off the ol' boots and flannel and pull the suitcase out of my closet. 

Here's a quick look at what I packed for our trip to the Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

2 pairts of workout shorts
3 pairs of workout pants/hiking pants

3 hats (1 cowboy hat not pictured) + 1 headband
4 sports bras
3 t-shirts
2 zip-up longsleeved shirts
6 tank tops
1 North Face rain jacket
1 camel back water pack + 1 krazy kreek chair
3 scarves
1 pair of jean shorts + 2 pairs of jeans
6 shirts for dinner and going out into Jackson 
2 jackets
1 bathing suit
5 pairs of shoes (1 cowboy boots, 1 tennis shoes, 1 hiking shoes, 1 pair of water shoes for rafting and 1 pair of sandals)

So here goes the Traveling Cupcake yet again, for another adventure and more stories to add to the book. Cheers.