Wednesday, November 11

The Thankful Project: November 11th

The Thankful Project: 15 Thankful Things

Thanksgiving is just 15 days away so today I'm thankful for..

1. Sunday afternoons: when you can refresh, catch up with friends, and do absolutely nothing

2. Slow cookers: my Crockpot saved my life in college and continues to pay for itself over and over again

3. Wine: because it’s gluten free and wonderful

4. The local farmer’s market: I love going to the market on Saturday and strolling through the aisles of fresh fruits, veggies and baked goods. God’s harvest on display

5. Grandma’s old cookbooks: they’re simple and classic. Doesn’t get much better than a mac-n-cheese tuna hotdish

6. Bookstores: because there is something still magical about turning the pages of a book

7. Family vacations: we’ve been blessed to visit some amazing places and grow closer together as a family

8. The healing power of music: whether you’re sad, happy, sleepy or scatter-brained, music soothes the soul

9. Spellcheck: because lets be honest, seeing that little squiggle is a life-saver for work documents

10. Gluten-free cookies: Praise the Lord for gluten-free foods that are actually yummy

11. Pandora being on point: You all know you love it when your Pandora station is on-point and playing all the right songs

12. Instant oatmeal: because my butt is always running late for work after Crossfit in the morning, so grabbing a pack on the way out the door saves my morning

13. Monogrammed stationery: bringing back the art of a well-written letter
14. Bible Study Groups: because the girls in my group get me, love me and hold me accountable in my life 

15. Spandex: because sometimes all you want to wear is that pair of Lulu workout pants and an oversized sweatshirt, and that's ok