Thursday, November 12

The Thankful Project: November 12th

The Thankful Project: November 12th: A Pet

Whoever said "It's only a dog" has obviously never loved a dog

“After years of having a dog, you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation”

When you get an animal, it becomes more than just a pet, it becomes a part of the family. Fourteen years ago we added one more baby into our family, and she happened to have four paws and a tail. Now we consider her family, we don’t discriminate against the number of paws she has or that her nose is wet; we just love her. Abby was so small she could fit in our two hands. She was more like a big cotton ball then a puppy, heck her tail hadn’t even curled yet. Although my parents would say she definitely had her trying moments (like when she chewed the bottom of the blinds in the kitchen, or when she whined all night long, or when she ate a whole Subway teriyaki chicken sandwich off the counter)…she has become the center of our family.

Bichons :):

Bichon :):
I seriously doubt there is a dog that is more loved, more spoiled and more pampered than Abby. She has three dog beds on the first floor of our home and not to mention the plethora of couches, chairs, sofas, ottomans and beds elsewhere in the house she can choose from. Our family Christmas card always includes a little love from the baby and in case any of our family questioned our undying love for her, we throw her a birthday party every January (to in which, she gets birthday cards FROM our family…yeah we’re crazy)

Best dog in the world:


I hate to see Abby get older (she’ll be fourteen come January) and it just breaks my heart to think of a day when she won’t be here, but we’ve been blessed with her for this long and are praying for several more healthy years for our baby. I’m so thankful for our little fluffy muffin and her sweet nature. She is affectionate and loving, always there to cuddle and lick away your tears. She is playful and funny when you need a laugh. She tends to wounds and knows when you’re hurting and offers her own fluff as a comfort. She’s the absolute best friend (and sister) a girl could ever want.