Saturday, November 14

The Thankful Project: November 14th

The Thankful Project: November 14th: Friendship

“A friend loves at all times” Proverbs 17:17 God intentionally puts people in our lives to build us up. The enemy puts people in our path to drag us away from God. Look at the people you surround yourself with: do they bring you joy, life, love and happiness? Do they ultimate push you closer to having a more ‘real’ relationship with God? Or do the people who surround you bring you angst, drama, feelings of jealousy and low self-esteem?
I’m not saying you need to cut off all your friends who don’t quote scripture 24/7 or go around praying for everybody every moment of every day; what I am saying is that sometimes you need to take a look at who you call your friends and make sure they are pushing you to fulfill your ultimate purpose, not dragging you further away.

I’ve had to do that a few times in my life. I had to take a hard look at who I was becoming and who was around me. I realized that the people I was hanging out with weren’t for my betterment and I had to make a choice. I didn’t necessarily cut those people out of my life, but I’ve become intentional with my time with them, I’ve become intentional with how often I hang around them, and I’ve become intentional about guarding my heart to conforming to their ways. Our driends have an incredibly powerful influence over our lives, so you just need to be aware!

 Today I’m thankful for all the people God has placed in my life. Over the past three years specifically, I have seen some incredible people come into my life that I am so grateful for their wisdom, love and fellowship. I could probably write for hours about the different friends in my life, both old and new, but I thought I’d shower a little love on two of my best friends.

I wish I had a picture of us when we first met; but just envision two blonde-haired babies sitting on a 90s floral couch in one of our homes. We were neighbors but quickly became sisters. The two of us spent countless hours watching Mary-Kate & Ashley movies, playing school or house in our little tree fort, running around with the neighborhood boys playing hockey, ice skating, Halloweens, theater performances of ‘Grease’ in my backyard… I mean we were inseparable growing up! 

Years later, now living thousands of miles apart, she is still my best friend and sister. Now she is getting MARRIED and I’m so honored to be her Maid of Honor. I love being able to share this journey with her and am thankful that I’ve gotten to spend basically my whole life calling her my sister and best friend!

God doesn’t accidentally ‘do’ things in your life, there is intention and purpose in everything. Your job, the gym you go to, the Bible study you join- they are all avenues that God can use you and connect you with someone special. When I decided to join a women’s Bible study group I had a few options but I chose a study about the Fruits of the Spirit. Little did I know then that I would meet one of my best friends within the first week of study. I could’ve picked a different study, I could’ve decided to drop out because I didn’t know anyone, but I’m so thankful that I went that week because Brittany and I connected instantly.
Flash forward and Brittany is one of my dearest friends, a woman of faith who I can go to and cry and seek godly wisdom…but also a friend that can be ridiculous and girly and silly. I love that we can have in-depth conversation about God’s calling for our lives but also have girls night, laugh, eat and drink and just share our lives with one another.  


I never feel like I have to put on a ‘front’ with Brittany, and she usually can see right through my generic answers. I can spill my heart out to her and feel totally safe and reassured that she is going to give me wisdom and grace (or if she is at a loss for, she always has a coffee or froyo as back-up). I was so honored that she asked me to be her Maid of Honor this past year as she married one of the greatest guys I know! The two of them have blessed me and my life and I’m so thankful for both of their love and friendship. So honored to call you one of my best friends Brittany!