Sunday, November 22

The Thankful Project: November 22nd

The Thankful Project: November 22nd: Random Road Trips

It’s a known fact that I don’t like to stay in town for too long. As much as I’d like to spend every weekend gallivanting around the globe, sometimes that just isn’t an option. So when I’m “forced” to stay in town I love to take random road trips to different places. The mountains, the beach, a new restaurant in an urban city, an old tiny town to go antiquing- whatever, whenever, however! The Traveling Cupcake just likes to get out.

Today my mom and I took a random road trip together and got to spend most of the afternoon catching up. I’m thankful for XM Radio, highways with speed limits above 70 MPH, a great pair of aviator sunglasses, drive-thru Starbuck’s Coffee, heat seats in the car, and a great companion to ride with. I’m thankful that I get to get away (even if it’s just for a day) and discover new places and new things.

Just because you can’t fly, doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Grab a map. Hit the road. You never know what you’ll discover.