Monday, November 23

The Thankful Project: November 23rd

The Thankful Project: November 23rd: Hot Tea

Growing up in Minnesota you have no choice but to have thick skin for the winter. It could start snowing as early as October and could last into April, but you just accepted that and moved on with life. However when I moved down to North Carolina, I quickly lost my Northern blood and became a pansy for the cold. I use my heat seat all the time and I have a heat pack I bring to work all year long. North Carolina has mild falls and springs for the most part with an occasional snap of cold. Well today is one of those cold snap days. It was below freezing when I ventured into the office today and boy was I thankful for a hot cup of tea in the office this morning.

When I lived in England I drank tea all the time. My flatmate Liam would actually wake up early in the morning to get the kettle going so we all could have hot tea before we headed out for the day (boy do I miss that luxury). When I returned back stateside, the “sit and enjoy a spot of tea” mentality just wasn’t the same; maybe it’s American consumerism, the American mentality of never enough time in the day, or the obsession of Starbucks (guilty) but I rarely drink tea these days. After today though, I’m reminded why I love hot tea and the nostalgic and warm feelings you get by drinking a wonderful cup of Earl Gray.

Cheers to a wonderful week!

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