Wednesday, November 25

The Thankful Project: November 25th

The Thankful Project: November 25th: Modern Medicine + Medical Professionals

You don't realize how thankful you are for your health until you don't have it. Today was one of those days that I just realized how much I take for granted medicine, health and doctors and all the other wonderful medical professionals out there. I've had a multitude of health issues since I was little. I think my first 'major' surgery was at 8-years-old and I've battled all sorts of crazy things throughout the years. About six years ago I became really sick again and underwent tons of tests and doctor visits...finally finding resolutions about four years ago. I've learned to deal with the cards I've been given but I don't talk about it much because I know as sick as I've been, people are a lot worse off than me. 

However today was an exhausting day of medicine, blood work and being bounced
from one doctor to the next. In a matter of 24-hours my life has turned upside down again and I'm left without many answers but many future tests and doctor visits to come. In fact, as I sit here, I got the dreaded phone call from a nurse (it's never good when the doctor calls you right?!) and confirmed what I sort of knew but was hoping wasn't true. I don't know why I've been so sick or why I have to deal with the things I do but I know that God is in control- and whatever happens, happens. 

I trust in God and know that by His wounds we are healed. Even though I don't know what tomorrow holds and what my future will look like now, I know that God has a plan for all the pain and suffering. God is in control and I just have to trust that He'll heal me or He'll let me go through more medical struggles for a greater purpose that I can't see.

Tonight I'm thankful for medicine, for medical professionals, for healing, for peace, for diagnoses and for treatment. Praying for all those who are sick and ill tonight (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically) and praying for God's peace and presence be with you.
Fabulous free printable of the Bible Verse Isaiah 53:5, By his Wounds we are Healed.: