Saturday, November 28

The Thankful Project: November 28th

The Thankful Project: November 28th: Christmas Trees

Today my family drove up to Boone, North Carolina to cut down a fresh Christmas tree.

I'm so glad to live in a world that has Christmas trees. The idea of a Christmas tree may be a bit odd: cut down a perfectly good tree from the woods, stick it inside your house and decorate it with ornaments and tinsel and lights; however it just makes me happy. There is something so magical and warm about a Christmas tree. I love sitting home in the evenings with nothing but the Christmas tree and the fireplace to light the room. I have many memories of watching Christmas movies by tree and firelight with my family over the years. 

This year was the first year my whole family has cut down a tree in a while. Usually we're a touch busy to drive the several hour drive to the mountain but this year my middle brother wanted to go, so we did. It was unseasonably warm today so we were hot and sweaty by the time we got to the top of the mountain (because of course we want the tree from the very tippy top of the hill). The three is a cute tree though. My mom always has a soft-spot for the more skinny "Charlie Brown" trees as she calls them. A perfect tree in my moms eyes is tall, skinny, with a good shape but empty spots in the branches to hang large ornaments. Her trees always turn out beautiful.

So today we went up the mountain alone but came back with three Fraiser Firs strapped to our rooftop, so let the Christmas season commence!