Sunday, November 29

The Thankful Project: November 29th

The Thankful Project: November 29th: Wanderlust

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As unhealthy as it may be (and I'm fully aware of it) I have a severe case of wanderlust. There are so many reasons I love to travel:

1. Meet new people

2. Experience new cultures

3. Try amazing food

4. Have stories to share for a lifetime

5. Witness things you've only read about

6. Open your mind to another world out there

7. Figure out who you really are, and what you can withstand

8. Love and romance

9. Adventure

10. Countless memories that you'll be able to keep in your heart for a lifetime

I'm so thankful that I get to travel so much and I get to experience these exact things. I'm thankful that travel brings power and love back in my life, just when I think I've lost it. My answer to almost everything is travel:

Heartbroken? Travel.
Sad? Travel.
Joyful? Travel.
Anxious? Travel.
Happy? Travel
Confused? Travel.
Guy issues? Travel.

I'm thankful for all the experiences I've had so far and all the adventures that are yet to come.

Bon Voyage