Monday, November 2

The Thankful Project: November 2nd

I'm The Thankful Project: November 2nd: A role you've played

How would you describe yourself and the roles you play? Just off the top of my head I'd have to say: a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a sister in Christ, a counselor, a leader, an ambassador and a mentor. I've held many roles in my life. In college I was in a sorority and held many leadership positions including the "sorority mom" role for several years. After returning from overseas I became a study abroad ambassador. I've had a job since I was sixteen and held different roles such as a leader and trainer. However the hats I wear on a daily basis, without fail are: daughter of the King, sister in Christ, a daughter, and a sister. 

I'm the oldest of four. There's me, Tyler (20) and Jack (16) + Abby (14). With the exception of our fluffy sister Abby, I am the only girl in the family. I'd love to say that my brothers and I have been best friends our whole lives and we never fought…but unfortunately that isn't true. We had our growing pains. They'd pick on me, I'd pick on them. We wrestled and fought. We drove our each other nuts sometimes but more often we probably drove our parents nuts!  However through all the growing pain and squabbles, we always knew that we each had each others back. I remember vividly threatening/beating up (okay 'beat up' may be a stretch) a kid at daycare who was taunting Tyler- no one messed with my kid brothers except me! 

I think the changing moment in our relationship was when I went to college and for the first time we were all separate. It was the first time we had to make an effort to have a relationship, talk and stay connected. I can definitely say that my brothers and I have a new-found wonderful relationship and get to bond over new experiences. My brothers have become such wonderful young men, respectful, loving, and compassionate and I am so proud to be their sister. I love you guys!