Monday, November 30

The Thankful Project: November 30th

The Thankful Project: November 30th: The Birth of Christ

As November draws to an end and we look towards tomorrow, a new month dawns. This coming month will hopefully be a month filled with joy and love for you and your loved ones. One of the things I'm looking forward to is celebrating the Advent. The advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christ. Maybe you're more familiar with the modern (non-Christian) interpretation of the 25-day chocolate calendar that leads up to Santa Claus coming to town. It's the same thought: you're waiting anxiously for a special day, preparing your heart and home for the day. 

I really like how The Voice put it Advent is marked by a spirit of expectation, of anticipation, of preparation, of longing. There is a yearning for deliverance from the evils of the world, first expressed by Israelite slaves in Egypt as they cried out from their bitter oppression. It is the cry of those who have experienced the tyranny of injustice in a world under the curse of sin, and yet who have hope of deliverance by a God who has heard the cries of oppressed slaves and brought deliverance!
It is that hope, however faint at times, and that God, however distant He sometimes seems, which brings to the world the anticipation of a King who will rule with truth and justice and righteousness over His people and in His creation. It is that hope that once anticipated, and now anticipates anew, the reign of an Anointed One, a Messiah, who will bring peace and justice and righteousness to the world.

Coming off a month of thankfulness, I'm looking forward to a month of preparation. Preparing my heart for a month to specifically focus on the special meaning of this season: Christ. The love of Christ, the story of Christ, the continued miracles Christ performs in my life, and ultimately the second coming of Christ. If you're looking for a good devotional and book to get you into the Advent season, I suggest checking out She Reads Truth

Take this moment to be thankful for the blessed and most wonderful gift anyone could ever give you: a way to have a relationship with God. God bless everyone & thanks for coming on this thankful journey with me!