Monday, August 1

Unexpected Turn

Well to say I've hit an unexpected turn would be an understatement. Currently it is Monday, August 1st and I should be in the mountains of Peru..instead I'm sitting back at my house with my dog trying to get some work done. Due to flight delay after flight delay, our entire team missed our connection flight to Peru in Washington D.C. It was midnight and our team literally sat down on the airport floor in front of gate A23 and regrouped.

We knew we had to find someone from United to help us rebook our flights so we set off for help. The airport was a ghost town, not a soul around. Making our way to the ticketing desk we proceeded to spend the next three hours working with the desk agent to find another flight to get our whole team to Arequipa. The unfortunate part- the earliest he could get us there was Wednesday...and at that point we weren't sure if we would even be able to go do our work.

Being the emotional type and highly exhausted, at that point all I could do was not cry too loudly as I realized that this trip I have prayed about for so long was either not going to happen or be dashed short. It was an emotional night (morning) for sure. However after hours working with the gate agent, we were able to rebook our flights to Peru for Tuesday. We slept on the airport floor in Washington DC on Saturday night/Sunday morning and then caught a flight back to Raleigh on Sunday morning. A saint from church picked us up in the church van and drove our sleepy-selves back to Greensboro.

Now we wait to try Take 2 at this adventure. We drive to Raleigh tonight and got a hotel near the hotel due to another faithful friend who is putting us up for the night. Then tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a 6:00 flight from Raleigh to Washington DC >> Cancun, Mexico >> Lima, Peru -- sleep in the Lima airport for the night >> and then onto Arequipa, Peru on Wednesday morning. It will be a super long 27+ hours of travel but praying that THIS time things go smoothly and without complications. 

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me via text, IG and FB and offering prayers and kind words. I'm not going to pretend I understand this and am not heartbroken but we will press on to Peru.

Stay tuned for more updates from my (per usual) wild and crazy travel adventures. #TheTravelingCupcake